The Algorithmic Advisory Alliance is a team of experts drawn from top researchers at the NYU Alliance for Public Interest Technology

The Problem

AI/ML can transform business; however, data-driven policies need to be equitable. Data sources must be verified, vetted, and validated, and technological interventions assessed, in order to ensure equitable impact. Teams need to be up to date on the latest research in ethical AI.

The Solution

Alliance members provide AI education and expertise across a wide range of industries. We combine subject matter expertise with advanced AI/ML evaluation tool recommendations to help you measure and track the impact of your systems and/or ensure regulatory compliance.

Who Are We?

We are a network of world-renowned researchers, experts, and thought leaders who focus on the socio-technical implications of technology in society. We are computer scientists and social scientists, anthropologists and historians, critical race and gender scholars, public policy experts and advocates, public health experts and artists. We are committed to the design and deployment of artificial intelligence and algorithmic systems that are ethical, bias-free, anti-racist, and that serve the public interest.

The Algorithmic Advisory Alliance helps businesses and regulators get the most out of artificial intelligence by ensuring that AI is used in an ethical, equitable, and compliant manner.

What Do We Do?

We marshal the collective expertise of our network to help our clients understand the risks of designing and deploying AI. We provide customized, industry-specific executive education, convenings, educational consulting, and algorithmic auditing referral services to private companies, public institutions, and policymakers who seek to better understand how to design, deploy and/or mitigate the potential or actual risks resulting from artificial intelligence. We are especially interested in intervening to improve systems that harm consumers or have disparate impacts on particular communities.

In What Industry Areas Do We Work?
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
What Services Do We Provide?

Custom executive education about AI

We all use AI every day, whether it’s in search or videoconferencing or voice technology. However, it is a challenge to truly understand what is happening behind the scenes in the black box of an AI system. Matching that up with complex regulatory and compliance requirements is an even larger challenge. AAA provides custom executive education that helps professionals understand what is happening inside complex technical systems and alerts them to what the ethical challenges are that may present risk. Effective education and professional development about ethical AI can help businesses mitigate risk.

Alliance members are academic experts in a wide range of industries, including highly-regulated environments like financial services, insurance, and healthcare. For our custom education engagements, we partner an industry expert with an AI ethics expert to design and deliver a curriculum that is targeted to your industry and your company’s needs.

Our curriculum offerings range from short webinars to multi-day courses. Material is currently offered as synchronous sessions; recorded sessions; or on-demand learning modules. In-person and residential learning courses will be offered in the future.


AAA convenings are virtual events featuring experts in conversation. Convenings range from fireside chats between world-renowned experts to multi-day conferences featuring decisionmakers, policymakers, regulators, C-suite execs, and more.

Educational consulting for policymakers

Ensuring fairness and eliminating bias are essential to ensuring equitable AI. Thoughtful policy can get us closer to that goal. Our independent academic experts educate policymakers and staff about the latest academic research and help interpret it according to the unique regulatory needs or compliance environments of insurance, human resources, financial services, social media, legal services, and the public sector. There are many ideas out there about how computer science and the law can interact better; AAA is a trusted advisor that helps policymakers sort through complicated topics.

Algorithmic auditing referrals

  • Increasingly, firms are choosing to audit existing algorithms or business practices for bias. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s what customers expect.
  • Auditing before releasing a new model can mitigate risk and ensure compliance
  • We know that firms are looking for secure, private auditing of AI models or business practices. We refer to a network of trusted partners. For automated auditing, we help clients evaluate risk using the latest AI fairness tools. Bespoke auditing is done by human experts who offer years of experience and industry expertise.

AI Vendor Product Assessment

For companies that are looking to procure a AI/data/algorithmic product, we assess risks; make recommendations for adoption; and provide strategies for mitigating potential harms.

Meredith Broussard

Data Journalist, Associate Professor & Research Director

Charlton McIlwain

Vice Provost for Faculty Engagement & Development

Melissa Lucas-Ludwig

Business and Operations Administrator

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